June and Paul welcome you to Eclectic Upcycle.  This store is the culmination of over 12 years experience and a passion for antiques and collectibles rooted in 4 generations of collectors.

Currently there is a bricks and mortar location in the Arts Market in Toronto.   This location houses items from a plethora of genres sure to inspire creativity in interior design.

When asked why did they start an upcycling business? June and Paul both adamantly agreed it was to save generations of useful items from landfill. “We live in a throw away generation” says June, “we want to preserve beautiful pieces and give them another life.  We offer second had items at a reasonable price and help our clients mix and match genres to inspire their own eclectic style”.

Paul raves about their vintage art glass collections, including Murano, and Chalet.  “We often get interior designers looking for statement pieces for clients.  We have somewhat of a reputation for steam punk and art collections.  From farm implements to beer steins and china replacements to Heritage Villages, our collections are vast. “

Many of our upcycled items come from loving homes where they had an emotional meaning.  We are pleased to rehome these items where they will live on to provide joy and use to others.